Atlas Maior saying goodbye to the USA & hello to the EU. Photo by @vbustosgtr at @whislersatx Atlas Maior RIPTIDE European Tour 2019 10/09/19 Joker’s Pub – Angers, France 11/09/19 Blue Monkey – Angers, France 12/09/19 Le Zygo Bar – Nantes, France 15/09/19 Le Héron – Angers, France 17/09/19 Royal Rooms – Sitges, Span with @safialhafez 19/09/19 Robadors 23 – Barcelona, Spain 20/09/19 Ronda Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain 21/09/19 RAI – Barcelona, Spain 26/09/19 Factor Vi – Sitges, Spain 28/09/19 BlackLab – Barcelona, Spain with @elifburgazmusic @joshuacthomson .. … …. ….. #atlasmaior #atlasmaiorriptide #atlasmaiorspain #atlasmaiorfrance #creativeambassadors #austin #angers #nantes #barcelona #sitges #austintx

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