It’s been a wild 3 weeks as @atlasmaior has been supporting the release of new album RIPTIDE. Tomorrow morning we’ll be on FOX 7 Austin live performing some tunes around 9am, and will be performing at Stay Gold at 10pm tomorrow Atlas Maior Riptide: Album Release Show. We’ll also be celebrating Liliana Espinosa De Hoyos’ early birthday!! (Don’t worry I’m taking the rest of the weekend off) She’s been SO amazing <3 Thank you to all of the support we've received on tour in Dallas, Brooklyn, Asheville NC, and New Orleans. Special thanks to KUTX 98.9 for today's morning show, to Brooklyn Maqam Hang, Rubulad, Top Ten Records, Static Age-Records, Dead Red Queen Records, WWOZ 90.7 FM New Orleans, Sierra Nevada Mills River, SideBar Nola, Whisler's, and to the love from Pocket Sounds, Kev Bev for the special support. We've met so many incredible people, and talented musicians that has uplifted and inspired us. Tomorrow the old school crew of Ted Dancin, and Charlie Lockwood, will be present joining us as well as oud juggernaut Sari Andoni for a special 3rd Arab music set. #atlasmaior #kutx #songoftheday #kutaustin #kutx989 #austintx #atlasmaiorriptide #atx #austin #staygoldaustin #albumrelease #newrelease

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