Atlas Maior in Spain & France Sept 2018 🇪🇸🇫🇷 The trailblazing continues for Atlas Maior, perhaps our most ambitious tour yet, this time with new oudist Josh Peters, & the extraordinary talents of Barcelona based musicians Albert Enkaminanko (perc), Juan Carlos Buchan Ayala (contra bajo), Alán Chehab (oud) with stops in Catalunya, and for the 1st time, France. This wouldn’t be possible without the huge help from friend and collaborator Alán Chehab, and from Sauvage Presents (Austin, TX). I’m also looking forward to the continuation of our informal Barcelona oud sessions with Safi Al Hafez (Jordi Savall). Peters will be the 3rd oud player based in Austin that will get to collaborate with Chehab & Al Hafez. Now I need to find a way to bring these gents out to Texas… #atlasmaiorspain #atlasmaiorfrance #atlasmaior #oud #jazzarabe #ontour #spain #catalunya #france #angers #nantes #loirevalley #es #fr #worldmusic #jazz #globaljazz

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