A message from Charlie Lockwood: “In fall 2010 I joined Joshua Thomson and Ethan John Vlah in Atlas Maior as an oud player and began a musical journey that has been a central part of my life for the last 8 years. Now, I’ve decided to step down as a regular performing member of the group to pursue other priorities in my life, and support the band in other ways. I am excited to finish up Atlas Maior’s 5th studio album ‘Riptide’, recorded at Bell Tree Studio, and perform at a badass album release event later this year. The band has continued to stay active with “Father of the Year” Ted Dancin Josh Peters Sari Andoni Gary Calhoun James and a host of talented Austin musicians, mentors, and friends I am lucky to have shared the stage with over the years. When I met Joshua and Ethan I was 24, had moved back to my hometown Austin after finishing a graduate school program in ethnomusicology at UCSB, and had just returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cairo, Egypt with the UCSB Middle East Ensemble. During that time of transition in my life, playing middle eastern music, writing compositions, meeting musicians, exploring maqam and continuing to advance my technique on oud were some of the most fulfilling and important things for me. I had no idea at the time Atlas Maior would create such amazing music for several years, collaborate with world class musicians, travel the world on tours to Turkey and Spain, receive proclamations from the city of Austin, or have the impact we have had on each other and our community. Throughout this time I have grown as a person and musician, created and interpreted some beautiful and meaningful music, and made many friends in the Austin world, jazz, and traditional music communities, all thanks to this group. I am thankful and proud that playing music with Atlas Maior has been one of my most important paths to connect with people.” #AtlasMaiorRiptide . . . . . #atlasmaior #oud #austintx #worldmusic#austinworldmusic #ud #charlielockwood

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