Last weekend was the culmination of a 9 month project with April Rose, & Rose Movement Studio. We very much enjoyed the process of working with all the dancers involved in Rosewater Review: Elixir. All of the rehearsals and meetings were totally worth it. We’d just like to take a moment to thank everyone in the production for all of their hours of hard work to make Elixir happen. It was a true pleasure for us to work with such fine dance companies, and to see our compositions recreated with such added beauty and grace. Thank you all! April Rose, Kimberly Larkspur, Ayssa Altahif, Megan Clark, Lauren Checchio, Jay Reynolds, Tarik Hassan, Heather Camat, Lisa Caraway, Carly Fischer, Douglas De Young, Caley Goff, Jamie Lynn Shelton, Stacey Lisette, Lily Tsai, Blair Logan, Caitlyn Aoki, Margo Boyd, Elizabeth, Liora, Allison, Julie, Melanie, Devin, Ellen, Taiana, Melissa, Nicole, Rebecca, Subina, and to anyone we left out here. Wild Vine Dance Company | Perennial Dance Company | Z-Helene | Stacey Lizette & Tekatek | Lily Tsai & Rakataka | Kimberly Larkspur | Alana Shea | Lauren Checchio | Yasmin Youssef | Tarik Hassan | Caley Goff | Dougherty Arts Center

via Atlas Maior
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