Austin Music Awards 2015-16 Poll Ballot – The Austin Chronicle

Last day to vote in the Austin Chronicle Music Ballot. Here are a couple suggestions. Thanks for supporting Atlas Maior!

Jazz: The Jazz Destroyers, Atlas Maior
Latin: Cilantro Boombox, Gina Chavez, Kiko Villamizar
World Music: Atlas Maior, Cilantro Boombox
Cover Band: Bidi Bidi Banda
Experiemental: WD-41
U-18: Band of Griffins
None of The Above:
Best New Band: Macaxeira Funk, Indimaj
Female vocals: Julie Slim Gina Chavez, Leticia Rodriguez
Male Vocals: Mohammad Firoozi Frederico Geib
Guitar: Bob Hoffnar, Jose Miguel Tejada, Donald Mohr
Bass: Gary C. James, Tarik Hassan, Dylan Jones
Drums: Michael Longoria, Jason McKenzie, Ted Camat
Keys: Stefano Intelisano
Strings: Roberto Riggio, Charles Prewitt, John Moon, Michelle Alany
Horns: Hard Proof Horns, Boombox Brass, Macaxeira Horns, Joshua Thomson
Miscellaneous Instrument: Charlie Lockwood – oud, Sari Andoni -oud, Indrajit Banerjee -sitar
from Atlas Maior

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